8.TR Coding games

  • OWL:Today we played Owl and Fly games.We didn't changed the picture of owl since our pupils liked the mascot of Trampoline.It is very exciting to try to program movement of the owl.

    While we were  playing Fly game ,students shouted the symbols of Poland,Turkey and logo of eTwinning with the directions of our teacher.

    PIXEL ART:I should admit that it is more complicated than it is seen.We divided our class into three group :one of them drow the Turkish Flag.we could finished it.The other group tried to draw the logo of e Twinning.Unfortunately we couldn't complete it.Students were really confused while drawing.And the other group tried to draw the Trampoline school.We will draw our school later since we don't have so much time to do all this works.

    Here are the best ones that students could do.


    Last day of the project students played cup tower.They have had so much difficulty but they have liked so much.