One lesson in a few places in Europe at the same time? Thanks to messengers and videoconferences it's now possible. Our project will involve a series of 6-7 lessons during which students from different countries will interact doing small projects , tasks, and learning about their countries. Topics range from: -culture ( traditions, holidays,...


    Project Journal

    • Yesterday new Active Lesson with our Turkish partners from Istanbul. It was a great moment of learning and cultural exchange. Thank you, Sevcan,your colleague and your students.
      - Posted by Vincenza Leone, 15.03.2018

    • Hello. Thank you Sevcan and your students. It was a pleasure to meet you this morning. Hope to have a new meeting to present next Wednesday. We uploaded some photos and the presentations. Waiting for your questions and curiosity.
      - Posted by Vincenza Leone, 09.03.2018

    • Hi there. We are in the live room. Can you try to enter it?
      - Posted by Vincenza Leone, 09.03.2018

    • Hello, I am happy to announce that our chart is ready. Here are the songs from no. 1 to 6 (we have chosen 3 6. places ex aequo):
      1. Kabat - Burlaci
      2. Michal David - Ruska Masa
      3. Tarkan - Yolla
      4. Domenico Modugno - Volare
      5. Dawid Podsiadło - Trójkąty i kwadraty
      6. Tadeusz Woźniak - Zegarmistrz światła
      6. Şebnem Ferah - Çakıl Taşları
      6. Toto Cutugno - L'italiano
      - Posted by Karolina Radnik-Sawińska, 27.02.2018

    • Thank you for the latest CULTURE-ACTIVE lesson with Turkey which took place on January 18th. We were talking about our favourite kinds of music, bands, songs. Our Turkish friends prepared a surprise for us and sang beautifully 2 songs. We also created a European chart out of the songs put on Twinspace.
      - Posted by Karolina Radnik-Sawińska, 19.01.2018