One lesson in a few places in Europe at the same time? Thanks to messengers and videoconferences it's now possible. Our project will involve a series of 6-7 lessons during which students from different countries will interact doing small projects , tasks, and learning about their countries. Topics range from: -culture ( traditions, holidays,...


    Project Journal

    • Yesterday, on 14.06, we had the last lesson of our project. This time we talked about literature. Polish students prepared a quiz about books and their writers from our country. During the lesson, we chatted with our friends from the Czech Republic and created stories having the first sentence given and writing one sentence in a row. Everyone had a good time and the results - the five stories are published in PAGES corner.
      - Posted by Karolina Radnik-Sawińska, 15.06.2018

    • Our Polish eTwinning corner. Can you find yourselves;)?


      - Posted by Karolina Radnik-Sawińska, 20.05.2018

    • A big thank you to all the participants of our last lesson about superstitions! We've talked about national superstitions and those connected with specific events e.g. weddings and hollidays. Great job!
      - Posted by Karolina Radnik-Sawińska, 20.05.2018

    • Hello! Yesterday we had another videoconference with our partners from Czech Republic.Its topic was "Inventions". Our students prepared presentations about Polish and Czech inventors and their works. During the lesson we chatted in groups. We had a task - to impersonate a group of scientists and "invent" some objects which will make people's lives easier. The inventions will be soon published on Twinspace:).Thank you Ivana and your students for cooperation!
      - Posted by Karolina Radnik-Sawińska, 23.03.2018

    • Yesterday new Active Lesson with our Turkish partners from Istanbul. It was a great moment of learning and cultural exchange. Thank you, Sevcan,your colleague and your students.
      - Posted by Vincenza Leone, 15.03.2018