One lesson in a few places in Europe at the same time? Thanks to messengers and videoconferences it's now possible. Our project will involve a series of 6-7 lessons during which students from different countries will interact doing small projects , tasks, and learning about their countries. Topics range from: -culture ( traditions, holidays,...


    Project Journal

    • We are really happy to share the Culture-Active Lessons project with our partners.


      - Posted by Sevcan Temel, 08.01.2018

    • We prepared an e-Twinning corner at our school. I hope you like it.


      - Posted by Sevcan Temel, 08.01.2018

    • Our next lesson on tourism in Italy and Poland. Thank you Italy for interesting presentations of your beautiful cities! Happy New Year to all the partners.


      - Posted by Karolina Radnik-SawiƄska, 02.01.2018

    • Happy New Year and Marry Christmas for our Polish, Czech and Italian partners.


      - Posted by Sevcan Temel, 22.12.2017

    • My students and I enjoyed getting in a video culture lesson.


      - Posted by Sevcan Temel, 22.12.2017