Project activities

  • Activities



    * creating the eTwinning tree, the logo works.


    * creating posters or CODING WORKS: pupils present where their way of living is producing CO2 and other damaging emissions.

    * preparing and conducting a quiz to test the knowledge of students in ALL grades on environmental behaviours.


    * promoting 3R principles at school: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Global Social Advertising by using posters or Scratch works.

    * presenting a number of multimedia presentations that are petitions to the world to save our planet.


    * designing eco-friendly bags with a slogan in English  and  drawings.


    * interviewing the firefighters about burning the grass in order to learn the harmfulness of such behaviours as well as the threats posed to them.


    * making a film during which students will recite poems in English on ecological topics to promote ecological behaviour.


    * creating leaflets promoting proecological behaviour and negate those that have a bad influence on nature;

    * preparing a celebration to summarize the project during Earth Day celebrations in April.


    * writing a story/programme in the application about the need to protect animals.


    * evaluating the project.