10th year of the project

  • Hi Everyone,

    This is the 10th year of this project!

    Some of us have changed schools during this time and have continued with the project in our new schools. I started this project in Woodway Park School in Coventy which was then taken over by Grace Academy.  I then moved to Coundon Court School, Coventry and the project continued. After that, I moved to The International School, Birmingham which recently changed name to Tile Cross Academy.

    In the beginning, the project was a celebration of Christmas, It has grown to incorporate Eid, Diwali,Hanukka and simply holiday greetings and good wishes.

    Some partners have been there from the beginning whilst every year, new members and schools have joined. It is a very simple idea yet over the years, dozens of pupils and teachers have enjoyed and have benfitted from sharing their good wishes at this time of year.

    We have also created some awesome displays!

    Looking forward to receiving and viewing all the cards and messages this year.