Oisterwijk Exchange


    The 4th exchange, this time in Holland, has been lived by the participants (pupils) like this:

    This fall, we’ve had an exchange week, people from Germany, Spain, England and Czech Republic came to the Netherlands. The English people arrived at Friday, the other groups arrived at Saturday. It was nice to see the people from foreign countries again. All the students stayed in host families.

    We did a lot of activities during the week. We will highlight some of the interesting activities we did this week.

    Saturday (12/9/2015) On the first day we got to know each other better. The host families did activities with the foreign students they were hosting.

    Sunday (13/9/2015) This was the first day we had a real program.  On Sunday we went to the Efteling: this is a park full of rollercoasters. We got to know each other better. We had a lot of fun. Later this evening we all went to a place where we could chill together.  

    Monday (14/9/2015) Breaking the ice; game in the woods. This was a day full of sports. In the morning we went to the woods and played some games in groups. It was real Dutch weather; very hard rain. We had lunch at a little restaurant in the woods. Luckily we didn’t have to be outside.  In the afternoon we had a sportstournament in an Indoor-sportsplace. We played football and hockey.

    Tuesday (15/9/2015) During the week we had to make pictures of everything. On Tuesday we started to put all these pictures together and make a vlog. We stayed at school the whole day and had freetime very early.


    Wednesday (16/9/2015) On Wednesday we went by bus to Rotterdam. It was very funny to go by bus. The group was divided in 2 groups. The first group went to a museam. It was about old boats and about the harbour of Rotterdam. The second group went to a digital playground. We made our own game. The most students liked it very much.


    Thursday (17/9/2015) On Thursday we all finished our vlogs in the morning. In the afternoon we had a workshop from a improvisation theatre. We all had to do a little play for all the students.


    Friday (18/9/2015) In the morning we had a workshop about debating. We had fries for lunch and prepared the international evening in the afternoon. In the evening we had a international evening. Unfortunately were the english students already gone.

    The exchange week was awesome. We had a lot of fun and met a lot of nice people. We hope we can participate in another program soon!