Social Media and Education. Threats and opportunities

This eTwinning project aims to be a support for the Eramus+ project entitled Social Media: Threats and Opportunities, which is coordinated by IES Santa Catalina de Alenjandría and has other four schools as partners (from Germany, The Netherlands, United Kingdom and the Czech Republic). It is designed mainly for students aged 13 -14 and it focuses o...

Follow up and preparatory activities

Article mentioning our project published in the local 

German newspaper (1/2/2016)


Second article about our project published in the local 

newspaper STOP (november 2015)


Article about our project published in the Czech education review "Týdeník Školství" (25/2/2015)


Article published in Jaén local press (13/03/2015)



First article about our project in the local Czech newspaper. (January 2015)

It was spotted there by editors from a national educational journal who then asked us to write a larger article so that more teachers and students in the Czech Republic could learn about our project. Great! 



The DREIEICH group of Czech pupils started with the first preparatory activity for the PRAGUE meeting (18/3/2015)

Using the Google Drive to create the content of a poster resuming our Dreieich meeting and the risks of the social media. Thanks to our IT Teacher, Mr. Veverka!

Author: Rocío Escabias Machuca
Last editor: Tomáš Klinka