Christmas is coming! Let's send cards and wishes.

1. Students make Christmas cards. They can use different techniques, for example drawing, painting, cut and stick, embroidery, taking photos of a winter scenery and using them as Christmas cards 2. They write greetings on the cards and send them to each cooperating school. 3. IN ADDITION - if students are creative and eager they can also maka a SHO...

Project Journal

  • Hello partners! Thank you for your beautiful Christmas cards. The students are very happy! -)
    - Posted by Joanna Łukaszek-Słania, 16.01.2018

  • Hello partners! Eloy Coloma school has received many, many Christmas cards this week! Thanks a lot! The students are really really happy! ;)
    - Posted by MAITE ARQUES, 11.01.2018



    20171211_114916 (112368).jpg

    20171211_115638 (112388).jpg

    20171215_084615 (112489).jpg

    20171215_084621 (112491).jpg

    - Posted by Ancuta Deliu, 10.01.2018

  • Cool!!!!


    - Posted by Adriana Fernández Díaz, 08.01.2018

  • In Italy schools are closed til the 7th Jan. We celebrate the Epiphany. We hope to find more Christmas cards on next Monday.
    - Posted by Giuseppina Caridà, 05.01.2018