CHRISTMAS- Here and There, Everywhere!

This project is dedicated to children between 9 and 12 years old. The aim of the project is to find out important aspects about the traditions of other countries. The partners in this project will exchange Christmas traditions, carols, recipes, postcards made by students and sent by post, photos etc.


    Project Journal

    • Hi Anna. I'm happy you received our cards. My pupils everyday are asking me about our Christmas cards. Now they are happy.
      Thank you and best regards.
      - Posted by Domenica Rizzo, 13.02.2018

    • Hello Domenica. We got the cards from you. They probably wandered somewhere in the world ...... but they ar. Thank you and best regards.



      - Posted by Anna Bębenek, 05.02.2018

    • Hello Anna, My students thanks you and your pupils of the Christmas cards



      - Posted by Domenica Rizzo, 09.01.2018

    • I also thank you very much. See you in the next projects !!!!
      - Posted by Anna Bębenek, 04.01.2018

    • Thank you so much for making this roject possible!!! Best wishes for everyone! :)
      - Posted by OANA-MELINDA SOLOMON, 02.01.2018