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The students from Romania and the Czech Republic will communicate and share interesting facts about their lives in order to boost their speaking abilities.

Project Journal

  • Romanian cards reached us. Thank you very much!!!

    - Posted by Martin Raška, 20.12.2017

  • The Czech Christmass cards are ready and are flying to Romania, Berchisesti on Monday. Safe journey!!!


    - Posted by Martin Raška, 09.12.2017

  • Czech students played kahoot prepared by Romanians, here are the results :-)


    - Posted by Martin Raška, 14.11.2017

  • Voki tutorial

    tutorial- voki_Stránka_1.jpg

    tutorial- voki_Stránka_2.jpg

    - Posted by Martin Raška, 13.11.2017

  • 2nd conference was held on Friday 3rd

    - Posted by Martin Raška, 05.11.2017