Snowmen party (our creative ideas)

  • Once upon a time in a magic forest all snowmen celebrate a big party.

    What is the reason - Carnival - Birthday .....

    If you have creative ideas, realized it!


    Snowmen party in Turkey:



    Fairytale made by students from Berlin / Germany

    Anna and the snowmen by Canan, Berivan and Anna

    Once Upon a time there was a girl called Anna. Anna lived with her mother next to the forest in a small house. She was all the time alone, as her mother had a full-time job.

    It was winter, and when Anna had finished the housework, she went out into the snow and build 7 snowmen. She called them Frieda, Fiona, Franziska, Freddy, Fritz, Franz and Florian. The names all began with F, because the F Anna liked very much.

    Anna looked at the snowmen and found that they were very well done.

    "I wish they were alive," Anna said. Suddenly Frieda smiled at her and Franz winked at her. Anna's wish had come true. Now she was no longer alone.

    When Anna's mother came home, she admired the beautiful snowmen.

    When Anna´s mother was at work, Anna talked and played outside with their new friends.

    One day, Freddy said, "It is time to celebrate a big party!" "Oh, yes, at midnight tonight," they all cried.

    Anna was happy. To drink, she made iced tea and for food she prepared Zigarabörek.

    For the snowmen she filled snow instead of cheese in the dough rolls. For dessert there was, of course, ice cream.

    It was a funny party, but in the end Franz looked a little sad and Anna asked. "What is your problem Franz?" Franz replied: "This is our farewell party, soon there will be spring. Anna became very sad.

    But Florian said, "Do not be sad, Anna. Next year you build us again and again we will be there for you".

    That did Anna. She built every year 7 snowmen and later with her children and grandchildren as long as she lived.

    The girls  6th grade created the story. Next in the following week one girl read this fairy tale and the little children from the 1st class listened with pleasure.

    The small student-designed a common Poster:


    In the "SNOWMEN TOWN" by students from Portugal: