Still Life - create your table setting

In this project we would like to show our pupils works of artists from Europe. Inspired by real pieces of art and the fairytale about a wishing table by the Brothers Grimm: One-eye, two-eyes and three-eyes. Students create set tables associated with images of artists like Manet or Cézanne. They can paint, modeling, cooking, photographing everything...

Table settings (spring, summer, autumn, winter)

Here is the eTwinning birthday table from Berlin/Germany:

Summer table from Poland:



Here is the Summer table from Berlin/Germany:

The Spring/Easter table from Turkey:

Spring and Easter table by students from Tbilisi/Georgia:




The Spring/Easter table from Poland:


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The Spring/Easter table from Portugal:


Spring in Berlin / Germany:

and the Table for EASTER:


- but after the Easter holidays our flowers have wilted, so we have crafted from paper:



Spring in Gori / Georgia:



SPRING decoration by students from Tbilisi / Georgia:



German Students created table for Carnival with "Berliner Pfannkuchen":


Winter- Christmas Work of Turkish Students:




Christmas table from Portugal:


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Table setting Christmas or winter in Berlin/ Germany:

Autumn table by students from Germany / Berlin:

Autumn table by students from Portugal:

Autumn table in Poland:

Autumn in Gori / Georgia

Autumn decoration by students from Tbilisi / Georgia:

Autumn table by students from Kocasinan / Turkey


Author: Christiane Meisenburg
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