Still Life - create your table setting

In this project we would like to show our pupils works of artists from Europe. Inspired by real pieces of art and the fairytale about a wishing table by the Brothers Grimm: One-eye, two-eyes and three-eyes. Students create set tables associated with images of artists like Manet or Cézanne. They can paint, modeling, cooking, photographing everything...

Project Journal

  • Quality Label from Berlin/Germany! A huge thank you to all students and my partner teachers. We did a great job together! Hope to see you again in Online-projects.


    - Posted by Christiane Meisenburg, 13.10.2015

  • Congratulations from Berlin!

    I hope that our project will get the QL in Germany also.
    I look forward to it!
    Best greetings- Thank you for your great work during the project
    - Posted by Christiane Meisenburg, 26.09.2015

  • I thank everyone for their cooperation, Ewa- Opole, Poland


    - Posted by Ewa Górnicka, 24.09.2015

  • Quality Label from Opole, Poland


    - Posted by Bronisława Niespor, 10.09.2015

  • Quality Label from Yeni Turan Primary Schhol, Turkey

    Congratulations to all dear partners! :)


    - Posted by K. Belgin Saka Üstünel, 27.08.2015