Healthy eating to healthy growth

This project will compare eating habits between young people around Europe. We will try to prepare healthy recipes and promoting a healthy lifestyle. We want to enhance students` awareness of eating habits. We will study some eating disorders and think of the way we should behave so as to prevent that. At the end of the project we will make a list ...

Project Journal

  • Dear partners,
    In Portugal we have got the Quality Label too :)


    - Posted by Teresa Lacerda, 25.07.2018

  • Dear partners, I´m glad to announce we´ve got the Quality Label for this project. Thanks to everybody involved.

    QL for Healthy Eating.jpg

    - Posted by Marián Reguera González, 05.06.2018

  • As Marian Reguera, from IES Valle de Piélagos has already mentioned, our two schools participated in a healthy day. Our school, IES Zapatón, from TOrrelavega, was kindly invited to spend the afternoon in IES Valle de Piélagos. Marian and her students had planed a gymkhana and a healthy snack. Our students enjoyed a lot at the same time that they did sports and ate healthy. Both Marian and their students were really welcoming, Hope this is just the beginning of future colaborations between both schools. Thanks, Marián. You all did a great job!
    - Posted by Ana de Cos González, 02.05.2018

  • Against sugar ...
    - Posted by Teresa Lacerda, 01.05.2018

  • You can answer the final assessment on page 7 to gather positive conclusions and find out where to improve next time.


    - Posted by Marián Reguera González, 24.04.2018