Do-RE-MI, try to sing like me

Learning and singing popular songs of partner countries.


    Project Journal

    • Our final report:

      - Posted by Pille Kaisel, 18.06.2018

    • Spain. Students' camp. Singing all together:)

      - Posted by Mercedes Galán Pina, 04.06.2018

    • SPAIN: evaluation of the project. We loved it:)




      - Posted by Mercedes Galán Pina, 01.06.2018

    • We are making music videos in Finland this week. Lots of teddy bears were needed for "Sen Olsan Bari" video :)


      - Posted by Minna-Mari Kares, 17.04.2018

    • We are so excited!! We had our first videocoference today. We sang the Estonian song and our Estonian mates sang Sofía, the Spanish song. We all did it great, the pronunciation was just perfect:)

      - Posted by Mercedes Galán Pina, 23.03.2018