Cultural Heritage Trivia

2018 is the European year of Culture Heritage so this Project is meant to work on such broad and important topic: our cultural heritage. Students from two countries – Greece and Spain – will try to know a little bit better their culture and the culture of the countries around us. Culture involves identity and the best way to respect other cultures, languages and identities is to know them. This project is created to help our students and ourselves to improve that knowledge. This will help us feel proud of our own culture, understand others and feel also proud of being European. After a few weeks spent knowing each other, the project will be divided in 5 stages, all of them including team work, either national or international: Stage 1: their own country Stage 2: play and learn about their partners’ culture Stage 3: international teams, questions about other countries Stage 4: play and learn about Europe Stage 5: digital and paper trivia will be prepared. Paper one sent to partners

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