Arago and Hasdeu Erasmus + twinning

Our project is about a twinned workshop between our 2 schools. The workshop's purpose is to let students discover what math research and investigation is using a foreign language. We work as well in close cooperation with a university researcher who provides the topics and open problems. Twinned teams of french and romanian pupils work on the ...


Project Journal

  • Hello everyone, I'm sorry to tell you that we are not selected for the final of the AndrĂ© Parent contest, next year maybe!
    I'll put the paper you have to fill to go to Montpellier the 17th of may in the materials.
    See you soon.
    - Posted by Marie DIUMENGE, 29.04.2018

  • You have to fill up your profile with a picture and you can work on the page of your topic also
    - Posted by Marie DIUMENGE, 08.01.2018

  • You have to put your first presentation and poster in the appropriate file in material.
    - Posted by Marie DIUMENGE, 08.01.2018

  • You have to put your report on the romanian trip in the file in materials: was it your frist trip abroad? What did you liked the most? How was it to search your problem in international team? Do you think you improved your english and mathematic level? Which common points and differences did you see between the french and romanian culture? Do you think it's important to see and work for real with our partners? What would you like to change for the next time if it's possible?
    - Posted by Marie DIUMENGE, 08.01.2018