Friends abroad

Get our pupils to get connected and make friends abroad. Finland and Spain meet in this site. 12-13 years old students meet and learn about the life at the other side of Europe.


    Project Journal

    • Hello Javier&Pupils in Santa Amalia! You might know that Finland celebrates its 100 years of independence next wednesday and we all have a day off from school! But don't worry - our pupils put down some ideas what Finland means to them (some with pictures) and I just shared that Padlet-page with you. I hope you will enjoy it!
      - Posted by Anne Nurmi, 03.12.2017

    • Our comics about school life sketches are ready and uploaded. A funny way to practise English and Art. Still answering Finns messages. Ready to go on with the project telling about free-time activities and hobbies.
      - Posted by Javier Carmona, 17.11.2017

    • Great, Javier! We Finns are very excited about our correspondence and hope to hear from you soon!
      - Posted by Anne Nurmi, 14.11.2017

    • NOV 8th. We received introductions and letter from Finland. It's the first time they receive something from abroad... so far. My students love it and they are really looking forward to answer these messages.
      - Posted by Javier Carmona, 08.11.2017