United through English

Thanks to this project our students will understand the necessity of mastering English not just because they need to communicate with the native speakers of English language. They should realise that English enables them to cooperate with millions and millions of people who learn English as a foreign language.

Project Journal

  • It is time to close the project. It gave our students a chance to learn a few things about the partner countries as well as practise their language skills. It was a great adventure and we are looking forward to next project :)
    - Posted by Iwona Lis, 23.01.2018

  • As Christmas is coming, project partners have exchanged some information on the celebrations at their schools :) adding photos and a news report.
    - Posted by Iwona Lis, 16.12.2017

  • Now it is time for the project participants to take part in two activities. We will have a Tricider discussion on the ways and reasons we learn English. And there is a Tricider voting prepared for the most beautiful words in our languages, which are Slovak and Polish.
    - Posted by Iwona Lis, 02.12.2017

  • In the meantime we have put some information on what our students learn about the partner country during their lessons at school. We have also shared some news on the occasion of a yearly event called NerdNight
    - Posted by Iwona Lis, 28.11.2017

  • And finally we have the presentation ready. It was a long and challenging process but worth the effort put in it. The presentation it to answer the questions asked by the project partner and show our country and culture to them.
    - Posted by Iwona Lis, 28.11.2017