Meeting new friends



    Project Journal

    • Hi everyone from the Let us have fun meeting new friends!

      I am hoping that you are all having a good time, whether you are on holiday with your family or at school with our friends!

      Here is a guessing game and there is a prize for the first pupil who posts the correct answers:
      Can you ...
      1°copy and paste the link ?
      2°slide the cursor on the right?
      3°watch the BBC video-clip
      4°Can you find the equivalent of 'may you prosper' in Chinese on the video?
      5° Write a minimum of 5 words about 2018 NEW YEAR CELEBRATION in China
      6° Can you write down 5 words from the 2018 winter Olympic games ?

      The winner will be given or sent a surprise !
      This is a promise with a public engagement ,
      so I'd better watch out!

      Cheers and good luck!

      The French teacher, Marie-m ANDRE
      - Posted by Marie ANDRE-milesi, 17.02.2018
      - Posted by Marie ANDRE-milesi, 17.02.2018


      - Posted by Marie ANDRE-milesi, 17.02.2018

    • Waouh! I thought these pics were so beautiful and relevant to our project that I downloaded on the main page these beautiful cards from Italy and the carnival!

      T h a n k y o u !

      download (2).jpg


      download (2).jpg

      images (1).jpg

      images (2).jpg

      - Posted by Marie ANDRE-milesi, 05.02.2018

    • Nowadays, some 'lakes' are taking the extra water!

      Seine in PAris 1910 Floodings.jpg

      - Posted by Marie ANDRE-milesi, 22.01.2018

    • Hi everyone!

      Some of our pupils went to the cinema and they watched this movie about World War One - WW1 - It is the story of a young boy called Adama who lives in Senegal in Africa and he wants to find his older brother who is lost somewhere in Verdun, in France.


      - Posted by Marie ANDRE-milesi, 22.01.2018