KA1: Aprender de otra manera

Nuestro proyecto parte de la necesidad de formación del profesorado del IES Punta del Verde. Centramos nuestros esfuerzos en realizar proyectos innovadores en otros ámbitos que implican un mayor acercamiento a la realidad europea y al uso de otras lenguas, en especial relacionados con la innovación pedagógica y el uso de las nuevas Tecnologías.

Project Journal

  • The IES Punta del Verde , which is situated in the city of Seville (south of Spain), is a public school where different types of education are taught, such as secondary education,A-levels and vocational studies. It also comprises a varied and wide bilingual programme (Spanish-English) including our secondary levels, A-levels and a vocational course of IT. In 2015 we became bilingual in all groups, so that year our first secondary educational became bilingual in all three groups. In 2016 our second level of secondary education became bilingual in all its groups too. And in this way we will continue with all the levels of our school. In our bilingual programme at least three subjects are taught in English , on the other hand we want to reinforce the international process of our school by means of offering our students all types of activities and projects (lauguage inmersions, thematic European conferences, etwinning projects, participation in international contests, exchange of students with other European schools).

    Thanks to the mobility our school will benefit from the internationalization, it will promote the European dimension, and it will help to achieve the pedadogical objectives of our bilingual programme, likewise it will reiforce our staff's skills and competences, it will develop the educational activities in our school and it will widen the offer of CLIL subjects, in this sense we could highlight the objective of the course "Tablets and Smartphones, using mobile devices as educational tools-Dublin". In the same way it will also help the modernisation of our methodologies, especially with the courses of "How to maximise learning in firlds trips" and "Creative Methodology", which are used both in secondary education and in vocational studies and boost the exchange programmes of our students and teachers as well as internship abroad, due to our partnership with other European schools. It will also result in the modernisation of the school management and the improvement of communication with other European and international institutions, being a main objective for the job-shadowing mobility with Farel College in the Netherlands and the course "Structured Educational Visit to Schools/Institutes and Training Seminar " in Finland.
    We are aware that these mobilities will fulfill our staff's educational needs who will take part, as the participating teachers will turn into an information vehicle which would enrich all the school community with new methodolical experiences, and in this sense it will be really helpful the course " A guide to conducting classroom observations".

    Furthermore it will also suppose a progress towards equality in oportunities for all the students of our school, who in many cases come from disadvantage backgrounds, giving them the chance to leave their surroundings and know other cultures through learning languages and European programmes. In this sense , this project is especially sensitive towards this type of students, which
    take part into our bilingual programme with a lot of problems, lack of motivation and a need to learn in a different way. We have to add that our school suffers a high porcentage of school desertion which we hope to diminish throughout this project, apart from other measures taken.

    Teachers will also benefit from this mobility, as well as all the organisation and the students. Results will be integrated in the school management and in the pedagogical proposal. There will be more teachers involved in the bilingual programme, more CLIL subjects offered, more activities related to the process of internasionatization and more students interested in learning languages and in improving their European dimension. In a short term it will improve the teachers skills, it will widen the educational school offer and it will motivate a greater participation in European projects and programmes. All this will have an effect at short and long term in the improvement of the image of our school in the area and the ability to offer the students the possibility of making their linguistic competences better as well as their educational and professional record and their personal development.

    To end with, we would like to add that in the school we have designed measurements to evaluate the results of the mobility in which are included the following items: selection criteria, quality of the course , reinforcement and official validation of the participants' learnings. We will also ensure the difusion of the results of the project and in the close setting.
    - Posted by Nuria Cortés , 29.03.2018