• Page 14 : You should put your links.

    Page 32-33 : health problems in East Asia country you should put your sources.

    Page 57 : The text is too little.

    Page 59 : you should put your links.

    Page 78-79 : You should put pictures.

    Page 13-47-49-72-73-88-89-90 : there is latin and the pictures have to be changed.

    Page 82-83 : You should change your pictures.

    Page 126 : Your captions are in latin.

    Page 74 : Why this page is here?

    There are some empty/useless pages (like the index page that should be modified).

    Page 103: images credited

    Page 118, 126 should be removed. they are left by Polish team by mistake. (pages according to issuu on page 11)

    Page 115: Copied. Removed

    Page 121: Text removed

    Page 128-129: Images changed, residual text erased

    Page 130: copied. Deleted

    Page 131: Images changed and credited

    Pages 132-133: images changes and credited