• Now you have found some team-mates, it's time to work on your global goal!


    1. Write a short collaborative news article about how each problem affects our world working at a global level.

    2. Write a script for a collaborative radio programme dealing with the problem at a local level, organizing a debate or interviewing experts, associations, people affected, students and teachers in your school or passers-by in your city, talking about the solutions found at local level in your area.


    Go to your team's page to brainstorm and write your magazine article and podcast script. Each group should choose a different colour to write.

    Use also your team's thread in FORUM #3 to discuss about the writing process with your team-mates. Check it regularly, keep your team-mates updated (what did you do today? what are your plans for next week?) to make sure you are all on the same wavelength and answer your team-mates' posts. You should briefly update your team-mates in your team's thread at the end of each project lesson, and always start each lesson by checking the forum! Remember: communication is the key to success! :-)

    All communication about the project should take place on Twinspace forums and pages for teachers and tutors to be able to follow your progress. Informal communication can take place elsewhere if you wish.

    Also, you will have a team folder in MATERIALS where you can upload the illustrations you'd like to use in your article (personal photos / drawings / videos or creative commons only - check out TOOLBOX 2!); don't forget to mention the credits and source in the image description when you upload it!

    STEP 1

    1. Brainstorm ideas, define better the goal and the topic you want to write about. Which question will you answer in your article?
    2. Which angles will you choose for the radio programme?
    3. Share the work within the team - remember your final goal: ONE short article and ONE radio programme per team!
    4. Collect resources / information (always mention the sources!)
    5. Put all your ideas onto your team's page
    6. Organize your ideas - remember your final goal: ONE short article and ONE radio programme per team!