• Welcome to your European digital classroom!

    You will be working together and collaborating closely throughout the school year.

    Here is the opportunity to meet your project partners and get to know them better.


    A - Complete your twinspace profile


    Step 1: choose a photo or an avatar, and tell your partners who you are - you can write 100 words only, make the most of it! :-) Make it original!

    Tools to create avatars: mybluerobot,  http://doppelme.com/ (right-click and save the final image as gif, don't create an account), http://www.buildyourwildself.com/

    HOW TO? Click on your name at the top of the page to have access to your profile. Then "edit Twinspace profile".


    Step 2: browse the profiles of your partners to learn about them. You can get in touch by writing a wall post. HOW? Go to the tab "members".


    B. Introduce your national group on this padlet


    Step 1: Make your presentation unique and original because your group is unique and original! :-) For example it can be an acrostic text with the letters of a word that best represents the group members...

    Later on, each group will team up with other national groups to create international teams!

    What makes your group unique? What are your common points? What do you share? Why do you get along?

    Give your group a name to remember and make it the title of your post.

    You can also add a picture (copyright-free!).


    Step 2: Want to know more about your partners? Comment on their posts! All comments must be signed with your first name - unsigned / anonymous comments will be deleted!


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