My passion – my future

Our project “My passion – my future” (Erasmus+) aims to satisfy the need to develop children's interests, it supports and directs pupils' activities in order to fully use their skills and potential. The project is based on the students' IT interests and we would like to guide them in a way that will enable the pupils to reach educati...

Project Journal

  • Hello after the holidays! How are you? I hope you had a great time and that you are rested and ready to work.
    I started the threat on our forum. I'd like you (teachers and students) to write something about your holidays and maybe post some photos.

    back to school.png

    - Posted by Renata Zalewska, 06.09.2018

  • The Greek Erasmus+ students' team wishes all of you: "HAVE A WONDERFUL SUMMER"

    Summer, summer, summer!.ppt

    - Posted by MARIA KROUSTALLAKH, 27.06.2018

    On May 23rd Mrs. Deligianni Eleftheria visited the greek school.


    - Posted by MARIA KROUSTALLAKH, 27.06.2018

  • E+ News from Croatia

    E+ news_Croatia 2.1.jpg

    E+ news_Croatia 2.jpg

    - Posted by Ivana Grgljanic, 19.06.2018

  • E+ News 2 Poland

    SP1_broszuraA4 2.pdf

    - Posted by Renata Zalewska, 19.06.2018