Let's cultivate peace through universal brotherhood/ Cultivons la paix par la fraternité universelle

Il est dans la continuité d'un projet E twinning mené l'an passé, "Let's act for peace" qui a pris forme lors d'un séminaire E-twinning à Chypre. Un projet européen qui pose les jalons d'une réelle culture de paix active et interactive. Le projet repose sur deux points forts: -Création d'un réseau européen d&...


    Project Journal

    • Video by the greek team.

      - Posted by Urania Sklika, 31.07.2018

    • Another video about Kalamata

      - Posted by Jessica Bruini, 07.07.2018

    • Time has passed by, but our memories keep running back to the wonderful days spent in Kalamata. Here is a video made by the German team, to remind us of that wonderful experience.

      - Posted by Jessica Bruini, 07.07.2018

    • Dear friends, you can post your pictures about May 16th here!

      Creato con Padlet

      - Posted by Jessica Bruini, 16.06.2018

    • Ready for the First Internationale Day of Living Together in Peace???


      16_mai_Def_02-A4_ble-v2-e1522519277749 (1).png

      - Posted by Jessica Bruini, 14.05.2018