4 SEASONS FEST is going to be presented by different pieces of ............cakes!!!! EACH PIECE of cake will present the different Season- AUTUMN WINTER SPRING and SUMMER!! We will focus on presenting by drawings, paintings the posters, writing leaflets, articles, emails, brochures, invitations, descriptions etc.but also creating and taking part in The BEST FEST SHOWS including popular places worldwide, creative 4 Seasons activities that MAKE EVERYONE FEEL HAPPY, healthy meals to get ready and Four Seasons Fashion Shows to perform with some Music of course related and devoted to it!!!! We will DiSCOVER and TEST the BEST 4 SEASONS FEST by recording the collaborative Clips to the same selected TOP ONES FESTIVALS of every Season. Every TEAM will appear on The chosen FEST SHOW and perform according to the written common scenario or by the PROJECT PARTNERS I I!

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