PIMP MY KITCHEN - A European food tour

The project aims at discovering European gastronomy through a cooking challenge. • The project aims at improve general, linguistic and pragmatic skills. Pupils will be encouraged to give and get some information on their daily life, and their tastes. They will also interact in an intercultural dimension while greeting and being polite. Cookery vo...

Project Journal

  • Hi there !!!

    Thanx for your votes ! ... I have to tell you that tarte au citron 🍋 is my favorite as well ! In France when you ask a girl about her favorite desert she would answer « lemon pie » 80% of the time !!! (Personal records of statistics !)

    Well... I guess it is time for goodbye for now (my students are now in a summer holiday)..
    Thank you all for having participated with such willingness !

    Hope to hear from you soon !
    - Posted by johanne Contant, 17.06.2018

  • Hello everybody,
    We have just voted in the Polish team.

    After a lot of emotions .... the winners are .....


    Congratulations !!!

    - Posted by Małgorzata Jaśniak, 15.06.2018

  • Hello there !

    At last you can find below (in the journal) the French students feedbacks !

    After having voted for our favorite Polish recipes, our two favorites are ... tadam :

    The delicious the PLYNDZE and the CHEESE CAKE !!

    Yumi !
    - Posted by johanne Contant, 12.06.2018

  • Charlotte and me we like every thing and i like speak with you.

    - Posted by Grégoire Cruchon, 08.06.2018

  • Hello Polish Team !

    The traditional polish food was very surprising because it's very different to the traditionnal french food. We like the way to discover foreigner food. Alexis said << the project was good culturally speaking but i did not hang on the recipes>> The recipe was easy. Thank you for you implication ! Lola, Lenny, Alexis, Julia.

    - Posted by Grégoire Cruchon, 08.06.2018