Guess the celebrity

In a global world teenagers all over Europe share the same idols and role models. In this project students will produce video interviews with international celebrities but they won't say their names. Students of other nationalities will have to guess who it is. The videos will be published on TwinSpace where everyone will see them and make a ...


    Project Journal

    • One late video from Poland.

      - Posted by Łukasz Kamiński, 15.02.2018

    • We liked this project so much. In particulary we had a lot of fun when we chatted with people from other countries;the other people's videos were great. We learned a lot of new words and we think that this experience it was useful to improved our english skills.
      Alessia Rossi and Matteo Valera
      - Posted by Alessia Rossi, 15.02.2018

    • Hi! this project has been amazing.Our favourite activity has been making the video because we worked together to make something beautiful and useful... It has been also surprising to discover how easy it can be to chat with people from other countries, and how much people can give. So thank you for all of this, we will remember this experience for a long time! Elena, Noemi , Jacopo, Elisa
      - Posted by Jacopo Tollardo, 15.02.2018

    • Hi everybody! Our interview was about Rihanna and Blake Lively, we chose them because in our opinion they are famous everywhere around the world. We had so much fun making this video and trying to act as better as we could. We hope that you liked our video as much as we liked yours! During this experience we learnt a lot and we enjoyed meeting people from other countries and cultures. Best wishes from Italy,
      Giorgia, Sara and Elisabetta.

      - Posted by Giorgia Canzian, 15.02.2018

    • Hello, we really liked this project because it was a lot of fun talking with people of other nationalities. We improved our English and we had a lot of fun shooting the video. we really enjoyed meeting new people and watching videos that everyone did. it was a lot of fun trying to find out the character described in the video. thank you all
      samuele e stefano
      - Posted by Samuele Poggio, 15.02.2018