Impacts final evaluation

  • Statistics survey done during an internship at Master level,

    University of Normandie Caen

    to evaluate the impacts through this project reached in the French school

    Title: Mesurer le sentiment de citoyenneté européenne en lycée Technologique, professionnel et agricole par le programme Erasmus +

    Authors: Abdoulaye KEBE, Mansour Ben Abakar EL MACKINE, Dame KASSE

    Internship supervisor: Odile JENVRIN


    -Students have dramatically increased their interest for participatin in an E+ project.

    - Teachers are the major canal of information for them.

    - Still too few vocational school students know of the potential benefits of E+ program.

    - However results really increased in quality throughout he project.


    Measuring the european citizenship sentiment of engeneering, professionnel and agricultural high school students by the Erasmus+ program

    Given the Erasmus + program, begun since 2017 at the Lemonnier Institute, comes to an end this year, students from Caen university was charged to lead a study. They are enrolled in The applied mathematics to statistics department, at second year of master degree. The objective was to measure the impact on european citizenship sentiment of Lemonnier students. To achieve this target, a sample of 641 students out of a total of 1400 students was constitued. The inquiry took place on february 3, 4, 10 and 11. Here are presented the most outstanding results of that study.

    - Among the students who answered to the inquiry 138 was between 14-16years old, 229 between 16-18 years old and and 229 was 19-21 years old.

    - On the whole, 71% have heard about the Erasmus + program

    - Most of these students (75%) have heard about the program through their teachers, 12% from internet, and 13% from their family and friend.

    - 59% of the student said they are able to have a conversation in english against around 41% who estimated not to be able to conversate in english

    - 78% of the believe that this program has helped them to improve their english level against around 20% only. And 2% didn’t answered.

    - Likewise, 69% consider that this program has improved their abilities and knowledge in the science field.

    - 55% considered that such as program has allowed them to improve their abilities in mathematics.

    - 59% are interested to do go abroad for their studies or internship

    - 74% think that participating to such a program allow them to improve the quality of their future job application.

    - On the other hand, 49% think that this program has increased their motivation for their training.

    - The three most wanted fields for a Erasmus program are : foreign language (30%), sport (30%) and leisure (28%).

    - 94% of the students are aware of the climate change stake.




    Engeneering students

    Vocational students

    Engeneering college students

    Would you be interested in participating to an Erasmus project ?

    48% (+8%)

    52% no

    36% (+14%)

    64% no

    40% (-10%)

    60% no

    Are you able to have a conversation in english ?

    74% (+14%)

    26% no

    44% (+24%)

    56% no

    72% (+27%)

    28% no

    Do you think that an Erasmus project could help you to improve your English language skills ?

    84% (+6%)

    16% no

    71% (+28%)

    29% no

    91% (+6%)

    9% no

    Do you think that it’s necessary to have English language skills at work ?

    97% (+19%)

    3% no

    90% (+35%)

    10% no

    96% (+16%)

    4% no

    How long could you stay abroad for your future studies or intenship?Answer : « more than 3 months »

    45% (-5%)

    48% (+11%)

    54% (-6%)

    Do you think that an Erasmus project help to improve your skills in sciences and technology ?

    77% (+27%)

    23% no

    66% (+31%)

    34% no

    72% (+17%)

    28% no

    Do you think that your participation to an Erasmus project could support your application to a job in the future ?

    87% (+6%)

    13% no

    63% (+10%)

    37% no

    89% (+4%)

    11% no

    Do you know that financial grants exist to allow Erasmus mobility ?

    66% (+4%)

    34% no

    36% (-11%)

    64% no

    66% (+3%)

    34% no

    Do you think that sustainable development issues are important to consider in an Erasmus project ?


    9% no


    22% no


    9% no

    Do you think thisErasmus project has motivated you in your training ?


    43% no


    53% no


    46% no

    Do you know alternative energy sources to petrol for car ?


    24% no


    53% no


    36% no


    The report presented to the University of Normandie Caen , Department of Mathematics, to graduate at Master level for the internship


    Abdoulaye, Mansour, Dame visited the students in the French school to collect over 600 answers to the survey.