English proverbs

  • Each student, please write one word or phrase and submit. It can be repeated.


    Add your idea what the proverb means in your opinion. After a few days when we have a lot of ideas, add an argument and vote. Whatever you add, write the symbol of your country and your name. ( DO NOT write your surename). All ideas and arguments without a symbol and name will be deleted and it should be written again. Ask your teacher to check what you wrote BEFORE you save it, work on your English.

    TASK 1. Work on a common 'Dictionary of Proverbs', each national team has to translate proverbs into their mother tongue.

    Dictionary of Proverbs HERE

    TASK 2. The list of proverbs in our Dictionary of Proverbs is devided into 6 parts. Work in your small national teams, choose one or two proverbs and create a poster showing the English meaning of a proverb. Take a photo of your work and add to a common presentation on Google drive. This presentation will be transformed into e-book to make it public.

    (depending on the number of students)

    For Polish team proverbs 1-17

    For Czech team proverbs 18 - 28

    For Italian team proverbs 29 - 27

    For Italian 2 team proverbs 28 - 48 (divide into your two classes on your own)

    For Spanish students (Mariana) 49 - 60

    For Spanish students (Sonia) 61- 72

    Not all proverbs you have to use.

    Common presentation HERE


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