Beginning from the early childhood, it is important that the fulfillment of the children's need for movement is the basis for the later years of life. The preschool period covers the most critical years in child development. Participation in physical activities during childhood is one of the most important factors in the healthy growth and development of the child. Sports and games activities have an important role not only in children’s winning basic motor skills, but also in raising self-esteem and in acquiring social skills. It is a fact that children's development in the future will be based on solid foundations, if they had a healthy pre-school period.


     -To encourage children to play in fresh air,
    - Ensuring that parents are informed about healthy lifestyle
    - To ensure that children have information about the lifestyles in different 
    - To help children understand and recognize the differences and similarities of 
    various cultural backgrounds
    - To enable students to learn different games from different countries as a way 
    of creating opportunities for personal development and good use of leisure 
    - To ensure that children are aware of the relationship between playing games 
    and being healthy
    - To teach children how to use games as a tool so they can continue their 
    healthy lifestyle.




    - Our project will consist of monthly activities
    - Each partner will regularly share their products in the TwinSpace and follow 
    the partners with the children at certain intervals
    - Partners will introduce children and themselves first
    - Logo competition will be held for the project
    - Activities that show the importance of sports, garden and classroom games, 
    traditional dances and the olympics will be presented practically
    - Poster about healthy lifestyle will be done
    -Healthy life festival will be organized
    -Project will be evaluated by teachers, parents and children
    -An e-book containing the countries’ game plans will be released




     Awareness about healthy lifestyles in children and families will be raised
    - Children will continue their sporting practices throughout their lives to gain a 
    healthy life
    - Problem-solving techniques and independent learning attitudes and personal self 
    esteem will develop through children's play
    - Children and families will have information about different countries and cultures
    - Teachers will learn different and innovative approaches in education