School 21, Digitally and Socially Yours

The project "School 21, Digitally and Socially yours", which belongs among Erasmus+ two-year projects, will include learning specific skills, known as the 4 Cs, which are critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity. The topic of community service will be dealt in different areas of volunteering (work with refugees, ha...

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  • What a dance! Pulawy Event, April 2018

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  • Celebrations and festivals in Hungary, Germany and around the world
    Last Wednesday (21 March 2018) we shared an English lesson with exchange students from Schwetzingen, Germany.
    The theme was national holidays and festivals, and we talked not only about Hungarian, but also German, Turkish and Greek customs and traditions. We learned about the typical German festivals of Oktoberfest, where people get together under tents, they sing, eat and drink a lot of beer.
    Carnival is called Fasching in German. The festive period before Lent is full of parties all over the country. Schmotzigen Donnerstag is a funny part of this time.
    We also talked about the differences between Hungarian and Greek Easter, and Eid al Fitr, which is a Muslin celebration after the feasting month of Ramadan.
    We told our German partners how we celebrate our national holidays. On 15 March we commemorate the Revolution of 1848; on 20 August we make fireworks to commemorate our first king Stephen I. who founded the Hungarian State; on 23 October we pay tribute to the heroes of the revolution in 1956.
    In addition we introduced our most popular music festivals, like Sound and Strand near Lake Balaton.
    P.S. we sang the Birthday song for our classmates, Anita, Lili and Dávid. 
    Frőhlich Viktória 10. A, Türr Gimnázium, Pápa HU

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