Good seed makes a good crop.

Seeds come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Some can be eaten and some can't. Some seeds germinate easily while others need certain conditions to be met before they will germinate. Look at the seeds below and think about how they might travel from place to place.What teachers and students can do is to become an ark which will protect ...

Project Journal

  • Thank you so much!It was the greatest experience for me and my students! We were a great team!All you had worked very very hard!

    Good seed makes a good crop1.PNG

    Good seed makes a good crop2.PNG

    - Posted by MARIANTHI ARVANITIDOU, 08.09.2018

  • Short Thank You Note (copy) on Biteable.

    - Posted by Danuta Dąbek, 22.08.2018

  • Dear friends, I'm very happy to get eTwinning Quality Label and I want to say thank you to you and especially to Marianthi - the founder of this great project.



    - Posted by Danuta Dąbek, 03.08.2018

  • Adana
    healthy eating and sports

    - Posted by BERNA ÖZARSLAN, 07.07.2018

  • Adana Rotary Kulübü Kindergarten
    we finished the story
    preparation and completion of the story

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