The Odyssey of words 2

In this project students are going to have an adventure. It is about the adventure of the words that were born in Greece, adopted into the Latin language and afterwards, travelling through time, introduced in plenty of European languages either unchanged or slightly changed. Therefore, students are going to attempt an interesting wandering into Eur...

Seeking the roots of words

Let's get to know the Odyssey of Words


Somewhere here begins the main activity of this project, which is the

study of the etymology of all these words we use in our everyday life

and are similar whether we live in Spain, or in Italy, in Greece, in

Germany, in Romania ...


On the next page you will find a long list of such words, divided into categories

according to their subject.


Your research will follow these steps:

1.   First you will reply to the questionnaire, which can be found on the "Trans-

national Groups" page.​

2.  Based on your common choices, you will be divided into transnational groups.

3.  A teacher will take over the coordination of your team.

4.  A discussion thread will be created in the forum for each group. There you

will choose the category of words you will deal with and then the words you will

study. The responsible teachers will guide you on the way you will use the ICT


5.  After completing the study of each word, you will prepare a ppt, in which you

will present the results of your research.



In the following presentation you can find instructions on how to work