The Odyssey of words 2

In this project students are going to have an adventure. It is about the adventure of the words that were born in Greece, adopted into the Latin language and afterwards, travelling through time, introduced in plenty of European languages either unchanged or slightly changed. Therefore, students are going to attempt an interesting wandering into Eur...

ICT tools used

Working with ICT tools


For "The Odyssey of words 2", plenty of web 2.0 tools as well as software were used.


zeemaps to present participating countries and shcools

Windows Live Movie Maker to create videos about schools

adobespark to create evaluation videos

animoto to create videos about cities

youtube to upload and share project videos

google.sheets to create spreadsheets

padlet to upload and share links and pictures

google.slides to create online presentations

prezi to create impressive online presentations

issuu to present documents and to create eBooks 

google.forms to evaluate the project and to create transnational teams

learningapps to create online games

kahoot to create online games

wordart to make word clounds

piratepad to simultaneously edit text documents


timeline.knightlab to create project's schedule


All the end products have been embedded in the Pages.