The Odyssey of words 2

In this project students are going to have an adventure. It is about the adventure of the words that were born in Greece, adopted into the Latin language and afterwards, travelling through time, introduced in plenty of European languages either unchanged or slightly changed. Therefore, students are going to attempt an interesting wandering into Eur...

Let's play a game

Students created KAHOOT Games about ancient European mythology and Greek words in our European languages.

KAHOOT Challenges were conducted through June 2018. Reports, pictures and results of the challenges were published on the project journal.


Here are the links to our KAHOOT Games:

Ancient Europe 1 (English)

Ancient Mythology 1 (English)


Römische Geschichte 1 (German)

Römische Geschichte 2 (German)

Antikes Europa 1 (German)

Ancient Mythology 1 (German)

Antike Mythologie 2 (German)



Author: Anita Hoehle
Last editor: Anita Hoehle