Connecting People

The aim of this project is to connect European children through English. They are going to use English to be in contact using grammar and vocabulary in a practical and communicative way. They are going to learn about themselves and their culture using new technologies and exchanging information and tasks in Twinspace. The idea is to motivate studen...


    Project Journal

    • - Posted by Lucía Sánchez Almagro, 14.06.2018

    • Dear partners,
      It’s been a great pleasure to work with you this year, happy holidays!
      Our warmest wishes!


      - Posted by Ligija Ubartaite, 02.06.2018

    • Thank you very much for your letters and your presents!!
      They were a great surprise.



      - Posted by Lucía Sánchez Almagro, 31.05.2018

    • Dear partners from Claipeda. We were delighted to get your letters and gifts yesterday. We are having the summer holidays now. We'll be back to school on September 1st.
      Wishing all our partners a very enjoyable time in the summer.

      Happy to receive letters from Lithuania.jpg

      Happy to receive pencils from Lithuania.jpg

      - Posted by Svitlana Meleshchuk, 30.05.2018

    • Dear partners,
      Kahoot is ready:
      - Posted by Ligija Ubartaite, 20.05.2018