Motivation at School Through ICT's and Innovative Educational Methods

For some time, we have seen a loss of motivation in some of our students. This has negative consequences such as absenteeism and dropping out. To ensure that our impression was real, we surveyed all of our students. We then set up an educational team to reflect on the subject. We decided to sort out and test things like reverse class, new technolog...

Project Journal

  • Dissamination

    - Posted by Sirle Varkentin, 15.06.2018

  • Our Virtual Trip!

    - Posted by Ana Pina, 15.03.2018

  • - Posted by Ana Pina, 26.02.2018

  • Our second short-term learning activity is getting closer and closer. Looking forward to seeing you all.


    - Posted by Ana Pina, 19.02.2018

  • Best wishes from Zagreb


    - Posted by Ana Budojević, 21.12.2017