Smartuse or smartdevices?

Using mobile devices in a positive and responsible way at school.


Project Journal

  • Marc Prensky, the pedagogue and lecturer who popularized the term "Digital Natives", stated in several interviews and lectures that insisting on banning the use of smartphones in the classroom is the same as refusing to wear clothes and go back to the age of animal skins!

    - Posted by António Emídio Baptista, 08.07.2018

  • The second form students of Uhtna Põhikool, Estonia, introduce our school's methods to working with smart devices.

    - Posted by Karmo Lugima, 14.06.2018

  • Dear eTwinners, I invite you to evaluate and comment our videos!

    - Posted by Jugoslava Lulić, 13.05.2018

  • We also finished our work! We used mobile phones and QR Code to create videos that promotes Serbian poetry and language. We filmed outdoors, wanting to show how beautiful our city, Bačka Palanka is. Each team (5 of it) got written instruction with QR Code,and, after they finished the work, added their short movies to Padlet. Look at our Learning diary!

    - Posted by Jugoslava Lulić, 10.05.2018

  • Feito com Padlet

    - Posted by António Emídio Baptista, 10.05.2018