Vigon&urope: sharing ideas

Through this project, we are going to connect schools. It´s to develop an Erasmus + KA1 (teachers mobility). With the project, teachers are going to improve their teaching competences (didactic strategies, methodologies, resources) because they are going to exchange experiencies in a job shadowing period. The educational institutions are going to i...

Project Journal

  • Ecco le bacheche dei progetti ERASMUS+ ed ETWINNING della scuola dell'Infanzia di Vigone dell'a.s. 2017-18


    - Posted by Ilaria Perasso, 11.07.2018

  • Last Tuesday, the 12th of June, there was a great surprise: Ulla and Sven went to Cercenasco nursery school to meet us!

    ulla blog 2.jpg

    - Posted by Enrica Luisa Borlengo, 14.06.2018

  • Greetings to all over the world!!

    cartello erasmus.jpg

    - Posted by Enrica Luisa Borlengo, 11.05.2018

  • A world full of greetings little hands! listen our song!

    ciao ciao 2.mp3

    - Posted by Enrica Luisa Borlengo, 02.05.2018

  • It's time for sharing our excited Swedish experience!






    - Posted by Lidia Pautasso, 26.04.2018