Our Multicultural Cookbook

Creation of a cookbook with traditional recipes from our countries.

Project Journal

  • Some shortfilms about eating disorders from our students!

    - Posted by Ivan Albacete, 07.06.2018

  • Another picture by Kamila

    anielski zawodowy Kamila.jpg

    - Posted by Wiktoria Mól, 18.05.2018

  • Hi. I'd like to present to you a painting by Natalia

    angielski zawodowy.jpg

    - Posted by Wiktoria Mól, 11.05.2018

  • We have started receiving our students slogans / logos. Some of them are really good ! Have a look at this one ! Some students are incredible artists !

    IMG_1944 (2).PNG

    - Posted by Ivan Albacete, 13.04.2018

  • Some slogans and logos for students to think about! Let's see what students are able to create!

    eating disorders session2.jpg

    - Posted by Ivan Albacete, 11.04.2018