Pupils will exchange ideas and facts about the past, present and future aspects of different topics like school, science, entertainment, food,. These topics will be worked on using different ICT tools like padlet, eprezi, twinspace, skype, meetingwords...Pupils will be able to explore their past, describe their present and imagine or model their fu...

Project Journal

  • Dear partners, I have created a poll for the most liked song we will learn and exchange. Please vote in the next ten days and we will post recordings of the games we played with the song and our singing and interpretation of it. Use the link to vote.


    song poll.PNG

    - Posted by Milica Andonovic, 19.04.2018

  • Arsakeio High School has created a nice video interviewing students about lifestyle in the past, present and future. Our students Elena, Christian, Mark and Andrianos chose to talk about different aspects of lifestyle and how these have changed through time. They all found this interview very interesting and had many things to say about it. The surprising thing is that in the end most of them agreed that in the past people used to have a much healthier lifestyle than nowadays. We hope you will enjoy the video we shot the last day of school lessons before the Easter Break!
    Kathy Kyriakidou Arsakeio High School

    - Posted by KATHY KYRIAKIDOU, 03.04.2018

  • Live meeting with Bulgarian school

    - Posted by Milica Andonovic, 30.03.2018

  • Hello everyone,
    With a little bit of a delay we have uploaded our 2nd video onn Education in the present, past and future. We hope that you all enjoy it! The topic triggered a lot of creative discussion in class and we are so thankful for having this in our topics agenda!

    - Posted by KATHY KYRIAKIDOU, 25.03.2018

  • I opened the collaborative prezi to talk about perfect lifestyles for students. I will add you by mail so you can edit it. We should propose a song in the forum here and vote for the one we like most and fill in the prezi presentation about lifestyles. Please register on prezi by opening your free account so I can add you as editors.

    lifestyle prezi.PNG

    - Posted by Milica Andonovic, 25.03.2018