Pupils will exchange ideas and facts about the past, present and future aspects of different topics like school, science, entertainment, lifestyles, cultural heritage. These topics will be worked on using different ICT tools like padlet, prezi, twinspace, skype, meetingwords, sutori...Pupils will be able to explore their past, describe their presen...

Project Journal

  • Dear partners,
    this is a video presenting our school's etwinning projects of this academic year 2017-2018 which was projected at the "EYGE" Open Day Event at our school's amphitheater. In this video you can see some of our project X-Change activities too! Hope you will all enjoy it!
    Arsakeio Team Greece

    - Posted by KATERINA KYRIAKIDOU, 07.08.2018

  • Last but not least our evaluation of the project through answergarden! My students were asked to share in one to 3 words maximum their feedback on X-Change. This is the outcome! The bigger words (in bold type) that you may see in the answergarden are the answers that were more frequently repeated.
    From their answers you can easily tell how much my students enjoyed working on this project although it was according to some answers a challenging one!
    Congratulations to all of you for making this project so vivid and interesting for us!
    Best wishes,

    - Posted by KATERINA KYRIAKIDOU, 07.08.2018

  • Here is a National Quality Label from Serbia! Fingers crossed for all of you friends! You deserved it!


    - Posted by Milica Andonovic, 06.08.2018

  • Dear all,
    This is an infographic- pictochart of our project activities and content. It has the format of a newsletter and it is actually a summer special edition! We hope that you will like it as much as we did working on it!
    Thank you all so much for your contribution.
    Arsakeio Team, Thessaloniki Greece

    - Posted by KATERINA KYRIAKIDOU, 06.08.2018

  • Our collaborative XChange project trailer

    - Posted by TSVETELENA TARALOVA, 04.08.2018