Children for Peace – Peace for Children

The aim of this short-term project is to celebrate the International Children’s Day on April 23 and to spread the message of Peace through music and art. Each school will choose a peace/children’s song and prepare a doodle video (a video illustrated by kids, collection of drawings that illustrate the song’s lyrics) and then share it with partner sc...

Project Journal

  • This video is the result of the cooperative work of three schools from Spain, Turkey and Italy.
    The teachers Alberto Fondevilla, Dorota Kanbolat and Luisa Infante let their students make drawings, play instruments and dance on the song "CELEBRATION". (Thanks to Alberto Fondevilla who put all the materials togheter and made the video):

    - Posted by Luisa Infante, 27.06.2017

  • Dear Dorota, can you share the results of the Survey?
    - Posted by Luisa Infante, 19.06.2017

  • Dear Partners,
    It's time to evaluate our project, here is a link to a short survey: I'd be grateful if you could answer a few questions regarding the project. Thank you.
    - Posted by Dorota Kanbolat, 16.06.2017

  • and here is the picture of the glog:


    - Posted by Dorota Kanbolat, 16.06.2017

  • As our project is coming to its end, I thought it would be nice to see all the videos created in one place, here is the link to the glogster page: (obviously you can find all our videos under our twinspace page: Our Doodle Videos)
    - Posted by Dorota Kanbolat, 16.06.2017