• About the project

    We are going to share photographs of the different views from our classrooms so that the children can see how different the views from across Europe are. It will show the diversity that exists around and the variety of views that we have to inspire us.
    Once we have collected the different views we will get the children to create collages using the images as well as creating other art that incorporates these different views.
    We will also get the children to draw one window themselves which will use images and details from all of the photographs that have been uploaded so that it can represent a global view. 


    To get the children to see how unique their view is from their classroom window and to compare it with the views across Europe which may have similarities but will also be unique.
    To get the children to challenge ideas about what certain views maybe due to perceived misconceptions about where people live.
    To consider all of the details that have been collated to create something that represents everyone so that they are considering the entire group instead of being an individual. 


    March - Start with a padlet - what views do you expect to see? So that children can share ideas that they may expect based on their ideas of schools as well as what they know about the different countries. 
    Throughout March People collect photos of the different views that can be seen through the windows around their school (no more than 5). 
    April and May - children create collages based on the views that have been shared and they create their own picture to represent a global view as it will have aspects from photographs that each country has shared.
    June - Evaluation where children share though a padlet what surprised them and comment on the different views that were created by classmates.


    A variety of views that will have been cleverly designed by the children to have aspects of a global view so that they will have had to think carefully about where other people sit, what they see, how they feel and what the view means to them.
    A variety of designs that will be unique to the individual but that will have used a variety of tools and material that everyone will have had the same access to.