Through my window I can see

We are going to share photographs of the different views from our classrooms so that the children can see how different the views from across Europe are. It will show the diversity that exists around and the variety of views that we have to inspire us. Once we have collected the different views we will get the children to create collages and artwor...

Project Journal

  • It is from the our first floor window) Flesh-mob on the 7th of April- International Health Day

    - Posted by Natalia Savchenko, 24.04.2017

  • Our first photo) It is a view from the second florr of our school) It is our stadium in the evening)

    cnflbjy .jpg

    - Posted by Natalia Savchenko, 24.04.2017

  • - Posted by belgin tunç, 24.04.2017

  • Hi everybody! Thank you for all your photos. We were making collages today. Really enjoyed it.





    - Posted by Veronika Pastuchová, 19.04.2017

  • Сделано на Padlet

    - Posted by Nataliia Vysochynska, 15.04.2017