Where are you from?

Children from all schools involved are going to exchange postcards by traditional mail from each country. They are going to write short introductions about themselves and information about their city/country. We can do many other activities related on the topic and use 2.0 tools to comunicate and learn from other countries.

Project Journal


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    - Posted by Anna Scarfone, 21.05.2017

  • Thank you to everybody!


    - Posted by Anna Scarfone, 16.05.2017

  • Thank you dear friends from Italy!!!

    Postcards from Italy in Croatia.jpg

    - Posted by Ivana Pleskalt, 15.05.2017

  • Thank you Finland and Croatia! I can't wait to show your postcards to my pupils!
    We've uploaded some photos on the padlet. Thank you for the wonderful memories!
    - Posted by Aikaterini Avgerou, 14.05.2017

  • Thank you Ukraine, for the postcards and the lovely bracelets! The pupils loved them, but they had to draw lots to see who would get them. The losers were disappointed!
    - Posted by Aikaterini Avgerou, 11.05.2017