What's up?

We will create a magazine about our countries, cities, schools and traditions. We will devote pages to topics that are interesting for teenagers ( hobbies, travels...) and each partner will create two games: a who is who? and a page with QR codes with questions related to each country. Each participating class will fill in the same type of pages sh...


    Project Journal

    • The magazine is amazing!
      You did a great job!
      - Posted by Diana Obeshchyk, 03.07.2015

    • Hi there !

      Here is the result of our work: an amazing magazine !

      The link to see it:

      - Posted by Sophie GAIFFE, 28.06.2015

    • Dear friends, there are my suggestions for our second magazine. What do you think about them? You can change everything you want, of course:
      1) National or typical meals in our countries (soup, main course, dessert) – 3 recipes
      2) Easter in our country (customs, food, decorations)
      3) My country (general information, capital cities, sightseeing,…) – maybe we can create some puzzles from important sights in our countries as a game
      4) Free time activities (sports, favourite music, games,…)
      5) Our school (description with photos, school activities,…)
      6) Writing a story (pupils’ own story or national fairy tales?)
      7) My plans for holidays (using “going to”)

      - Posted by Jana Anděl Valečková, 20.01.2015