I-TEAM - Innovative Teachers for a European approach through Mobilities

The project is based on two steps of European mobility and a range of accompanying preparation activities. After the first year teacher course in London during this schoolyear 2016/17 ITE G:B: Bodoni teachers will do a Job-shadowing period at a partner school. From the best skills in teaching by teachers , flows a better preparation of students , who should acquire more interest in European languages, be more involved in innovative and stimulating activities, develop transverse and social skills deriving both from the relationship with the foreign teachers hosted by the institute and by the increase in group activities. In the long term we expect a substantial change in the "climate" of the school , and reducing frustration for both groups involved in the educational process. Through a new and exciting vision of the European Union, new forms of cooperation with partner countries will be foreseen. This project should be a virtual meeting point for all the teachers and tutors involved

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