The diversity in art activities in pre-school period has an important role in bringing in perception and creativity features. Children by definition look for ways to express themselves in some way. Art is the most enjoyable and useful tool. Art activity basically aim at developing creativity and esthetic sensibility by creating meanings to tools in accordance with improve chldren’s thinking about spiritual world. 


    -To provide children with perception, multidimensional thinking, concluding and discussion features.
    -To develop their comparison and decision making behaviours.
    -To enhance learning motivation, stimulate the memory, comprehension and to enrich the symbolic communication.


    Country teams are going to be formed. The Project is going to consist of monthly activities. Teachers are going to share the art activities that children perform together on twinspace regularly and follow their partners from there. Every participant is going to share pictures and videos that introduce the country and the children and a logo is going to be selected. The children and the teachers are going to evaluate the Project. We will use digital tools like Glogters, Widbook.


    -Children are going to be more sensitive against their environment.
    -Their imagination is going to be enhanced and they are going to notice the situations that they like or they don’t.
    -Children’s communication skills are going to improved and they are going to be able to express themselves.
    -They are going to be independent and their self-esteem is going to be restored.
    -E-books are going to be produced to demonstrate the diversity of the art activites.

    -Project story e-book