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The OECD's Principles and Good Practices for Financial Education and Awareness recommend that Financial Education start as early as possible and be taught in schools. The knowledge of personal finance and money acquired in this period plays an important role in defining person’s life quality, happiness and welfare. In accordance with this, KIDS pro...

Marco de Canaveses, Portugal

Convento de Alpendurada


Working sessions


  • Oficial reception at EB 2,3 de Marco de Canaveses and visiting EB1/JI de Rua Direita, Sobretâmega school.;msbR~;7qvfO7pi3D3w~_zXXu4~_S1aTuwKn96ex6K1zwGGxNx~;~;QDByI0Hw~-~-.bps.a.483476848477900.1073741839.384637131695206/483476865144565/?type=3&theater                        


Day 3: Exchange of Good Practices and Cultural Evening

  • A successful study case on Financial Literacy was presented by our Guest School Agrupamento de Escolas General Serpa Pinto, Cinfães, winning the 1st prize for the best project of financial education for Primary Schools during 2 yrs on a row and last year, a special prize for a project of financial education for special needs students.   


  • Financial Education exchange of good practices presentation by Portuguese partner: in 2014 Portugal won the Child and Youth Finance International country award for Europe - 2014, in recognition of the work developed in bringing financial education to schools.

  • Peering - exchange of pupils letters among partners and ICT class with cultural quizzes about partners countries and financial literacy/Keep Invest Donate Spend project prepared by the Croatian partner. Pupils were thrilled with enthusiasm!

  • KIDS Cultural Evening event @ E.B. 2,3 de Marco de Canaveses with pupils, parents, teachers, school direction board, parents' association and Marco de Canaveses Town Hall Vice President.

  • Marco de Canaveses's local newspaper highlighted the transnational meeting that took place in Agrupamento de Escolas de Marco de Canaveses under the Erasmus+ Keep Invest Donate Spend project in Financial Education.


2nd Transnational Meeting: Marco de Canaveses, Portugal - 10th-14th June 2015

Soon, KIDS 2nd Transnational Meeting will take place in Marco de Canaveses, Portugal. Until then, you can visit the agenda's meeting by downloading the INFO PACK and the Activities Itinerary.

                           Information Pack                Activities Itinerary                         



Author: Helena Serdoura
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